Italians Practicing Self-Isolation Hang Food Baskets From Balconies So The Homeless Can Eat

Italy, the second worse hit country by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), is all over the news right now due to the “Panaro Solidale” initiative.

The initiative has gathered a lot of praise on social media as it allows the homeless and less fortunate to eat and survive throughout the nationwide lockdown.

Amidst the coronavirus lockdown in the country, residents of the country are lowering baskets of food from their balconies to help those people that are struggling.

In a report that was published by the Guardian, people in Naples have been filling bread baskets with food items such as legumes, tomatoes, and pasta.

The baskets are for the poor and the homeless.

Twitter users and other social media users are sharing images of the baskets.

Along with the baskets are signed, which read, “If you can, put something inside. If you can’t, take something.”

The trend was started by Angelo Picone, a local resident.

During an interview with Askanews, Picone said, “It was spontaneous. Solidarity comes naturally to us.”

He added, “I always do these things with associations in the neighborhood and since we have to stay at home now, we do it from home too.”

He said that the initiative began when he shared a meal with a homeless person that was having a hard time finding food.

Due to the coronavirus lockdown, canteens and places that offered free food have closed down.

As a result, people notice the trend and the entire neighborhood began to participate in the initiative.

Explaining his kind act, Picone said, “This is true solidarity, not only to shut yourself up at home and think about protecting yourself, but also to think about others.”

Amazing act by the Italians!

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