Jesus Moose Caught ‘Walking On Water’ Next To Boat In Alaska

A video that is viral on the internet right now shows a moose walking on water and the entire thing has left social media users baffled.

In the video that we are talking about, the animal could be seen trotting along the water while the people that filmed the entire thing are traveling beside it on a boat.

The water was deep, said Kristy Paniptchuk, who is from Alaska.

She said that the water was reasonably deep because they were using a boat to travel and the animal was trotting along with them.

Kristy said that the incident was a biblical moment.

The video was shared on social media and the entire thing is viral on the internet right now.

A lot of people questioned the video and asked Kristy if it was real, and the reply was always the same, yes.

Kristy was riding a riverboat that was equipped with a jet motor and was traveling up the stream.

Kristy said that the water was around 5 inches deep, so possibly the moose looked like walking over the water.

She said they use a jet motor instead of a boat with a propeller because a propeller could hit the bottom of the river and could damage it.

People that have watched the video called the animal “Jesus Moose”.

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