Kind Supermarket Worker Delivers Food To 99-Year-Old Man Who Failed To Buy Food As People Hoarded

A kind-hearted Tesco Worker from Essex delivered food to a 99-year-old man, who had no food, and only found a comb in the market when he was shopping.

As people started to panic buy, elderly shoppers were left with no choice but to go with the goods that were on the shelves.

Norman, a 99-year-old man, was spotted by Dan Scott, an area manager with Tesco, struggling to buy the things that he actually needed.

All Norman wanted was to buy loaves of bread, eggs, marmite, and some beans, however, he did not find any.

Dan, a kind worker, knew he could not leave the 99-year-old short of the things that he needed, so he asked for Norman’s number and told him to give him a call and tell him what he wanted to buy from the market.

Dan also said that he would be personally delivering the items to him so he wouldn’t have to come down.

Dan added that he was impressed by the fact that the 99-year-old man drove to the supermarket by himself.

In a post that Dan made on Facebook, a social media platform, he explained how it felt like when he was helping Norman.

Yesterday I met a man called Norman, he asked for some help with his shopping list. Sadly in these times I couldn’t get…

Posted by Dan Scott on Friday, 20 March 2020

He said: “I was truly overcome with emotion when he left me and thought how can this man not get any food. He’s got a daughter but you can imagine her age.”

He added, “So I asked someone in Tesco to do me a shop overnight that I could collect first thing. I got home and me and Dan asked our neighbours if anyone had anything they could spare.”

He continued: “Again, I was overwhelmed with the generosity of people we managed to get a huge hamper of food. Me and my colleague Carol surprised Norman today with everything on his list and a lot more!! He was so grateful and said ‘I’ll live like a king till I’m 100 now’.”

Dan, the kind worker, also talked about other things with Norman.

Norman, the old man, told Dan that he had better access to food when he was in the world war.

Posted by Dan Scott on Friday, 20 March 2020

Dan said: “He also told me today he had more food in the war…… think about that for a second. I feel so happy today knowing Norman has food tonight, but how many more Norman’s are there right now because of the most selfish, disgusting people in this world. Stay safe everyone, and look around you, people really need your help.”

Talking about hoarding, Dan said: “Please can people share this, so we get a message out there that people buying all these products and clearing the shelves is seriously stopping people like Norman from even eating. All he wanted was bread, eggs, marmite and some beans. It’s disgusting.”

The post that Dan made on Facebook currently has over 32,000 likes, 221 comments, and over 35,000 shares.

Posted by Dan Scott on Friday, 20 March 2020

People in the comments section praised the kind worker for helping out the old fella.

A user said: “Absolutely amazing Dan !! God bless you. I’m offering to do elderly peoples shopping and just leaving at their door. . You stay safe you beautiful human being. You are so kind.”

Another user said: “Dan Scott your parents should be so proud of you to help an elderly person out, after the madness of some people this week their is still some humanity left in this country xx”

Talking about the food at Tesco, Dan said that they are getting new food getting delivered every single day.

Dan said that the food is flying off the shelves because people are panic buying in bulk amidst the pandemic.

During an interview with UNILAD, Dan said that he made the post on Facebook so he could encourage people to be more considerate when they are shopping for food.

In a statement that he released with UNILAD, he said: “I posted this so people could see that there are people that need our help right now. The older generation are feeling more lonely, isolated and some are struggling for food – that’s why it’s important to help.”

He added, “It was heartbreaking to see Norman out trying to get food and he was so humble, saying he’d try the next day. I didn’t want him to come out to Tesco every day to get food – hence me offering.”

He continued, “I delivered one big hamper and now I drop things at his door to keep a safe distance, the little bits he needs – yesterday was frozen veg.”

Good job by Dan!

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