Last Gray Wolf Pack In California Surprises Everyone With 3 New Wolf Puppies

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife said that 3 new pups were born to the Lassen Pack, the last gray wolf pack in California.

The Lassen Pack is a group of gray wolves that roam the Lassen and Plumas counties in the northeast part of Golden State.

Luckily, 8 years ago, a gray wolf wandered into California and helped bring back the species back in the state for the first time since the 1920s.

Farmers and ranchers wiped out the gray wolf completely before.

And in April, the only known gray wolf pack in California welcomed 3 new pups!!

Two adult’s wolves and the wolf pups were captured on a video on a trail camera on June 18. The pack was traveling in a remote area, which is located 100 miles away from the border of Oregon.

After the birth of the Pups, the total number of gray wolves in California is now from 7 to 10 wolves.

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