Lost Ring Found Wrapped Around Garlic Plants 9 Months After It Went Missing

A ring that slipped out from a Maine girl’s finger as she was planting a garden was found 9 months after it went missing.

Funny thing is that no one returned it to her, instead, it was found wrapped around a piece of garlic.

12-year-old Madison Cooper said she lost the ring while she was planting garlic.

The incident happened at the Chewonki Foundation in Wiscasset in October last year.

The ring was given to her as a gift from Leanita Perry, her grandmother, who owned it from her late grandfather in 2012.

Perry gave the ring to Cooper after the death of her grandfather.

Perry said:

It was a Valentine’s Day gift from my husband back in 2012. She really wanted the ring because her and papa were really close, so I gave it to her. When she told me she lost it, it was heartbreaking, but things happen and it wasn’t her fault.

The family said they had no expectations to find the ring again.

However, things changed.

Hannah Marshall, a Chewonki Foundation Outdoor Educator, was harvesting the garlic and saw something shining on one of the plants.

Marshall said:

I was sent out to harvest the garlic, and I pulled up one of the final plants and I saw something shiny around the bottom, and at first I thought, ‘It must be trash’.

When investigating, she saw the ring wrapped around the garlic plant.

Marshall added:

It was a total coincidence that the garlic kind of captured the ring as it grew through the straw that they helped put down.

Talking about finding the ring, Perry was really happy.

Perry said:

When the call came, it was 23 months after the day that he passed away, so it was like an omen, it was meant to be, she was meant to get that ring back.

I’m not crying, you are!

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