Man arrested for robbing two banks with an Avocado

A 47-year-old man from Israel is currently facing charges of aggravated robbery after committing robberies at two banks with an avocado that he said was a hand grenade.

The man is from Bedouin, a village in southern Israel. He allegedly robbed NIS 30,000 from two banks that are located in Beersheba.

The police said that the man robbed the two banks with an avocado that he disguised as a grenade.

The police added that the 47-year-old man painted the avocado black and told everyone that he would throw the grenade out if they did not hand over the money to him.

The robberies happened in May.

According to reports, the man entered the banks and gave the cashier a misspelled note to them.

According to The Times of Israel, the misspelled note said “Hand over the money in the drawer”,  the sentence is written in Hebrew and the word drawer was misspelled.

And after some time, the 47-year-old man would say “Put the money in the bag quickly or I’ll throw this grenade” if the cashier hesitated to give him the money.

The man held the painted avocado in his right hand, but according to reports, the avocado did look like an actual hand grenade.

The man managed to leave a bank with more than NIS 16,000 which is around £3,500 in cash.

The man was still not satisfied with his first robbery, so just after five days, he decided to head to a branch of the Postal Bank in Oren Center shopping Area.

Where he used the same tactic and left the bank with over NIS 12,000 which is £2,600 in cash.

The police could not identify the man at first because he wore hats, covered his face, wore sunglasses, and even an eye patch during the robberies.

But still, the police were able to find the man by tracking the mobile phone locations of the people who were present in the area during the robbery.

The man was arrested afterward.

The police added that the 47-year-old man has served three years in prison for robbery.

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