Man Fly-Kicks Dancer In The Chest, Sending Her Flying Across The Room For Performing In A Disgraceful Way

A thug was caught on cam kicking a dancer and sending her flying across the room because she was dancing in a very disgraceful way.

The entire incident was captured on cam by a bystander that was at the event.

The incident reportedly happened in Pakistan, the exact location is not known.

The video of the incident was widely shared on social media and it shows the female dancer dancing, raising her arms in front of the guests that are enjoying the steamy performance.

However, a man walked into the frame and did a flying kick on the chest of the woman as she was performing in a disgraceful way.

The dancer was sent flying across the room and fell backward to the ground.

Guests then gasped in shock and another man pushed him away and sent him out of the venue.

During an interview with the man, he said:

It is not permissible for a girl to dance in front of others in this disgraceful way.

The identity of the man and the dancer were not shared with the public.

The injuries of the dancer are unknown and it is unclear if the man was arrested for his actions. 1

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