Man has 7-inch fish removed from throat after freak fishing accident in Columbia

A man  from Columbia had a 7 inch fish removed from their throat after a freak fishing accident.

The man, a 24-year-old angler, was fishing for food for his family in a lake in the municipality of Pivijay, Magdalena on January 23, 2021.

After having a successful first catch, the man threw the fishing line into the water and realized that that there was another fish that had bitten his bait.

Not knowing what to do, the man decided to keep the first catch in his mouth while he was reeling in the second one that he caught.

When the man placed the fish inside his mouth, it started to move and it ended up going forward, into the throat of the man.

He rushed himself to the Santander Herrera Hospital, however, at the time, he could not explain the situation.

The medical staff carried out an x-ray, which revealed that he was choking on a fish.

Images that were shared with social media shows the medical procedure.

The fish was removed with a pair of forceps.

The medical staff said:

Ladies and gentlemen, something extraordinary. A young man in Pivijay swallowed a fish. We removed the foreign object from his oesophagus.

After some time, the fish was removed.

It measured 18 centimeters long.

The man was kept inside the hospital for observation.

He did not suffered any serious injuries from the horrific incident.

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