McDonald’s McFlurry Lid Stuck Around Bird’s Neck

A jackdaw bird has been seen flying with a McDonald’s McFlurry lid around its neck in Cornwall, locals say the bird has been seen flying with the lid for weeks.

The staff at the Newquay Zoo in Cornwall said they have tried to catch the bird so they could remove the lid.

But they said they failed after trying for a number of times.

The zoo is currently concerned about the health of the Jackdaw.

The zoo staff said the bird can fly, eat, and drink even with the lid stuck around its neck.

Phil Knowling, the spokesperson of the Newquay Zoo, said they are monitoring the jackdaw.

The spokeswoman of McDonald’s said they were “disappointed” to see the impact of littering when they saw the picture.

Phil Knowling added, “This is a member of a fascinating and intelligent bird species with a complex social structure – and here it is, caught up in a piece of waste discarded by humans. You have to assume that the item was thrown away irresponsibly. It’s a sad sign of our polluted times.”

Phil said the staff at the Newquay Zoo wants to help the bird and have the lid removed so they can check his health.

Phil added, “As a conservation charity we organize beach cleans, talk to guests about issues like pollution and work for native species – but incidents like this remind us we have a lot of work still to do.”

The spokeswoman for McDonald’s said that they are going to remove the plastic lids from McFlurry from next month.

McDonald’s recently announced that they are moving to cardboard packaging for their salad options.

This is a part of their commitment to making all their packaging from recycled sources.

The company plans to use packaging made out of recycled sources by 2025.

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