Michigan Woman Sets Up Bird Feeder Photo Booth In Her Yard To Take Close-Up Pictures Of Birds Eating

Lisa, a photographer based in Macomb County, Michigan, better known as Ostdrossel on Social Media, set up a photo booth that is disguised as a bird feeder in her yard to take a closer look at birds.

The photo booth that is set by Lisa takes up to 7000 pictures per day.

After Lisa moved to the United States of America from Germany, she decided to experiment with bird photography.

Since then, she managed to take rare and adorable pictures of unique birds from her yard in Macomb County, Michigan.

In order to lure birds, Lisa tried different foods.

She currently uses a motion-activated bird photo booth that captures pictures of the birds up close when they come for food.

Her setup allows her to capture rare and incredible shots of unique birds up close. This is something that is very hard to achieve if you are a wildlife photographer.

Here are 30 of the best photographs Lisa’s photo booth managed to capture:

  1. “Look at my fur”

2.”Oh Sh*t”

3. “Is that a balloon?”

4. “What is this thing?”

5. “I told you not to take pictures of me”

6. “Surprise Surprise Birdy Birdy”

7. “I know I’m fabulous”

8. “Shocked”

9. “Death Stare”

10. “Here, let me give you food”

11. “Under Attack”

12. “Ey twin, take a look at this”

13. “I thought this was a bird feeder”

14. “When you are alone, but you hear footsteps in your house”

15. “Let me enjoy my food”

16. “I know this was a trap”

17. “I know im perfect”

18. “Love birds”

19. “Free Food”

20. “I brought you a butterfly”

21. “We just want to show our love”

22. “Appreciate my uniqueness”

23. “Humans always do crazy stuff”

24. “Act normal, my crush is coming”

25. “I told you not to yell at me Craig”

26. “Be scared of my teeth”

27. “Happily Married”

28. “Come on bro, just once”

29. “Its a trap”

30. “Hmmm, what is this?”

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