Mother Helped Son In Blackmailing, Drugging, And Raping A Woman In India

Baloda Bazaar, Chhattisgarh: The Chattisgarh Police arrested 2 people for raping and blackmailing a woman.

According to the Baloda Bazaar Police, a woman registered a complaint against a man and his mother on September 12 and said that the man and his mother raped, drugged, and blackmailed her.

The police said the mother of Manish, the main accused, gave her a drink that was laced with intoxicants.

After losing consciousness, the son allegedly raped her while the mother was filming the entire act.

After the incident, the sister and the brother-in-law of Manish blackmailed the woman and demanded money from her.

The police said the victim paid Rs. 4 lakh to the accused so she could getaway.

The money came from the land that her father sold, and when his father asked the woman to give him the money, she told her what happened.

The police said the father sold their land for Rs. 6 lakh, but only received Rs. 4 lakh from his daughter.

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Upon knowing what happened, the father and the woman went to the local police station and registered a complaint against the family.

The police have arrested the Manish, the rapist, and his mother for raping, drugging and blackmailing the woman.

Further investigation has been launched.

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