Mother Left Devastated After Steroid Skin Cream Causes Baby’s Face To Swell And Sprout Hair

A mother was left devastated in China after a steroid cream that she used on her child caused her baby’s face to swell and start to sprout hair.

A little kid in China was given the cream because they were suffering from dry skin, but instead of treating the condition that the baby had, the cream ended up causing damage.

The family of the boy claims that the face of the baby swell and it started to sprout hair as a result of using the cream.

Images of the incident were shared on social media and it has left social media users really scared to use such creams.

Reports on the internet suggest that a zero-hormone cream is behind the inflation.

The baby cream was sold by the Fujian Ouai Baby Health Care Products.

The products of the company have now been recalled.

The cream contained Clobetasol, a hormone cream that is sued to treat eczema and that susbtance is banned under the Chinese regulations.

Images of the little kid were shared on social media and they went viral right away.

The limbs and the neck of the little one swelled up so much that the family believe its twice the size right now.

The face of the baby also has hair growing.

The manufacturer said that the product has been tested by them and there is no problem.

The little one was rushed to the hospital after using the cream for a number of months and the doctors that were treating him were stumped on why he was that big.

The family said that the boy was not being over-fed and is not obese, which just left them baffled.

The authorities are yet to release an official statement about the incident.

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