Nearly 50 Percent Of The New Cars That Are Sold In Norway Are Fully Electric

In a recent data that was released by the Norwegian Road Federation, almost 50 percent of the new cars that are sold in Norway are fully electric, and these numbers are only from a span of 4 months.

According to the Norwegian Road Federation, the Tesla Model 3 was the top-selling vehicle in Norway.

The NRF also said that 48.4 of the cars that were sold in January to June were fully electric.

The new numbers just topped off the numbers that were gathered last year, only 31.2 percent of the cars sold in 2018 were electric.

This new data makes the country as the global leader in per-capita electric car sales.

The numbers and facts above were released by the Norwegian Road Federation last week.

Norway wants to end the sale of diesel and petrol engine cars by the end of this decade, and as part of the plan, the country exempts fully-electric cars from getting heavy taxes that are placed on vehicles that require fossil fuels.

The country even offers benefits and discounts on road tolls if you own a fully-electric car.

The plan of Norway has boosted the sales of Nissan, Hyundai, BMW, and Tesla in the country. These brands are the only companies that are offering fully electric cars.

Automobile companies such as Ford and Mercedes Benz have seen a drastic drop in their sales, but this is not going to last long as both companies have promised to release fully-electric cars in Norway by 2020.

Tesla, a company that is owned by Elon Musk, sold more than 3700 cars in Norway from January to June 2019.

Tesla delivered a total of 95,200 cars in the second quarter.

When Tesla announced the details, the company said, “Orders generated during the quarter exceeded our deliveries, thus we are entering Q3 with an increase in our order backlog. We believe we are well positioned to continue growing total production and deliveries in Q3.”

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