New York Man Uses Martial Arts Skills To Hold Kidnapper And Prevent Baby-Snatching

A Good Samaritan used his martial arts skills to prevent a possible baby-snatching incident in a park in NYC, USA, last week.

The incident reportedly happened in a Big Apple park.

According to reports, the man held the kidnapper for around 15 minutes until the cops arrived.

33-year-old Brian Kemsley, a Muay Thai Coach, stepped in when he saw a man trying to grab a baby inside a stroller from a woman who was holding another child in her arms.

The incident happened in Madison Square Park last week.

Talking about the incident, the man said:

I was trying to get him away from the mother, and let her get away to safety … But toward the end of it, I was also trying to keep the guy safe from the mob.

The police said that they responded to a call in the park at around 3:35 pm last week after they were told that an emotionally disturbed person was making a scene.

The man was taken into custody and was brought to the Bellevue hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

The entire incident was caught on camera.

The Muay Thai couch could be seen holding the man on the ground, making sure he would not escape.

Kemsley said that he realized that the man, who was itching for a fight, was unwell when he started to speak with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office.

The Muay Thai coach held onto the man for 15 minutes and waited until the police came to the scene.

After the entire incident, Kemsley said that a bystander lent him a bottle of hand sanitizer, which he used in just a shot.

People in the park started to clap after the police arrested the man.

Recalling the moment, Kemsley said that it was a “Very nice moment”.

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