Non-Alcoholic Beer “Good Boy Dog Beer” made for pet dogs with digestive problems

Ever wondered if you can crack open a cold can of beer for your dog? Well some of us did but just threw the thought away after realizing that it is an alcoholic beverage. But, what if I told you that there is a Non-Alcoholic Beer that is made for dogs.

From now on, you can crack open a cold “Good Boy Dog Beer” for your dog.

This is all possible because of Megan and Steve Long, the couple who made the Good Boy Dog Beer. They made the beer first for Rocky, their pet dog.

Megan Long, the creator of the Good Boy Dog Beer, said they had to help Rocky manage his diet better.

She added, “We needed to give him the vitamins and proteins that he still needed in a liquid form.”

Megan also asked their vet about the beer, she said, “We talked to our vet, and our vet said the best, easiest thing to do was to just start making his own food and treats.”

The “Good Boy Dog Beer” is for dogs that have problems with their digestive system.

The Beer comes in flavors, and guess what, they have funny names.

The “Good Boy Dog Beer” comes in a pork-based IPA Lot In The Yard, the chicken-based Mailman Malt Licker, the vegetable Session Squirrel, and the peanut-based Crotch Sniffin’ Ale.

The beer is available in 3 countries.

Megan and Steve Long added that the beer is not meant to be a food replacement for dogs, but it is for dogs that have problems with their digestive systems or for dog owners who just want to pop open a cold beer with them.

Megan said, “We don’t consider it a meal supplement.”

She added, “We just consider it a very healthy treat.”

The “Good Boy Dog Beer” costs for 5 USD per can and 4 cans costs only 18 USD.

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