Photographer Catches Incredible Rare Moment Dolphin Swimming Straight Towards Surfer

Manhattan Beach, USA: A photographer got a shot of a lifetime and a surfer got more than what he asked for when a jumping dolphin showed up swimming towards the surfer.

The surfer was paddling his surfboard when a pair of dolphins came in front of him while they were jumping.

The incident happened at the El Port, Manhattan Beach.

The dolphin leaped into the air and missed the man.

Luckily, 63-year-old Dave Weldon, a photographer, captured the entire moment and shred its images online.

The surfer got a once in a lifetime experience after a dolphin got so close to him in free waters.

Dave Weldon said everything happened so fast.

He added, “It all happened so fast – I had just finished photographing a surfer to my left when out of the corner of my eye something caught my attention over to my right.”

He continued, “As quick as I could swing around my camera I barely realized what I was about to focus-lock onto before I fired off a burst of shots capturing the dolphin and surfer’s encounter.”

Dave said 2 dolphins were heading south and were coming towards the surfer.

Dave said, “Seeing the dolphins, the surfer stuck-up his arms in sort of a ‘surfer’s greeting’ when all of a sudden one dolphin caught sight of the surfer, turned towards the surfer, sped-up and went into a jump while rolling onto its left side – appearing to want to get a better look at the surfer as it dove back into the water just a few meters in front of the surfer.”

That’s something you don’t get to experience every day! Lucky lad.

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