Pinky, the Pink Dolphin in Louisiana

Meet Pinky, the Pink Dolphin that lives in Calcasieu River in Louisiana. Pinky is an extremely rare animal, she was first seen 12-years-ago by Captain Erik Rue who shared pictures of her.

And recently, a video of Pinky and her calf was posted on her Facebook Page.

Pinky gets her color due to a genetic mutation that is called albinism, she is a rare river dolphin.

River dolphins are mentioned in the endangered list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The population of river dolphins is still declining.

Captain Rue, the person who first saw Pinky, says that she is completely pink and has red eyes.

Pinky is not affected by the sunlight or the environment of the Calcasieu River in Louisiana, but still, she chooses to stay under water.

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