Pornhub Makes All Premium Content Free To Customers Taking Part In Coronavirus Lockdown

Pornhub, an X-rated website, has announced that they will be offering their premium content free to customers that are taking part in the coronavirus lockdown.

Unfortunately, the offer is only available to users that are in France and Spain.

The announcement comes after a similar offer was made to users in Italy, the second most worst-hit country of the Coronavirus in the world.

The French Government imposed new measures to tackle the epidemic, which includes a ban on people from leaving their houses without having any permission.

The restrictions of the country also include bans on gatherings and other public gatherings.

While announcing the news, Pornhub said: “In light of the growing number of quarantines, we are offering Pornhub Premium for free to all our friends in Spain!”

The statement added, “Vamos Espana! [Come on Spain!]”

That statement was for users in Spain, the users of France had a different statement.

Pornhub France said, “Have courage, France!”

Pornhub also announced that they will be donating this month’s revenues from ModelHub, a porn website that they run, to efforts that will help tackle the pandemic.

For those that are wondering what Pornhub is, it is the world’s biggest porn site.

Pornhub has around 42 billion visits per year, which means 115 million users all over the world visit their website each day.

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