Rich Kids Of Britain Caught Partying In Bali With Social Media Influencers During Coronavirus Lockdown

Rich kids of Britain and a bunch of social media influencers were caught partying in Bali amidst the coronavirus lockdown.

Video of the party shows a DJ playing in front of over 20 glamorous Westerners boozed and mingled in the sprawling villa in North Kuta, Bali.

The country of Indonesia does not have any formal coronavirus lockdown measures, however, residents of the country are advised to stay inside their houses.

The government also tells its residents to avoid gatherings.

According to local news agencies, the police got to know about the incident and interviewed the playboy party after the video of it went viral on social media.

The video was shared on social media by Tyrone Hermitt, a Manchester-born tattoo model and social media influencer, who has over 210 thousand followers on Instagram.

After being criticized on social media, he saw backlash.

He also released an apology on social media.

He said in the letter:

“This was not my party. I apologise for attending. I did not realise there was going to be as much people at the party and it looked more busy than it was. I respect Bali and will be donating to some charities to help locals who are losing jobs and need help.”

According to reports, the lockdown party was hosted by Mahmoud Attiya, a playboy pilot from Egypt.

Mahmoud was celebrating his 21st birthday.

In an apology letter that he released said:

“We are very sorry for all the trouble. We only invited few people but a lot of people showed up so we had a call from security and we closed the DJ and everybody left. We totally appreciate the Bali government and immigration and their support to help avoid Covid-19.”

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