Roof Collapses Outside ICU Room Of Sri Krishna Medical College And Hospital In Muzaffarpur, Bihar

The Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital in Muzaffarpur, Bihar had a tough week. Yesterday, officials recovered skeletal remains in a forest near the hospital, and before that, more than 100 minors passed away in the hospital due to AES (Acute Encephalitis Syndrome).

Earlier today, a part of the roof outside an ICU ward in the hospital collapsed, luckily no one sustained injuries when this happened.

The hospital is currently facing an outbreak of AES. The Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital is one of the biggest government-run hospitals in the state.

Authorities in Bihar released a statistics that showed that there were 626 registered cases of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome across the state since June 1, and 136 people have lost their lives to the AES.

The health department of Bihar has brought in a number of medical officers, child specialists, doctors, and nurses from other districts.

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