Sachin Tendulkar files a lawsuit against Spartan Sports International after failing to pay 2 Million AUD

Sachin Tendulkar, a former cricket player for India, filed a lawsuit against Spartan Sports International for using his name and image to products and failing to pay him 2 Million USD in royalties.

Sachin said that the company was supposed to pay him 1 Million AUD in 2016 for using his pictures and logos so they could sell “Sachin by Spartan” clothes and sports products.

Sachin was also seen promoting the products and the clothing line at a number of events in London and Mumbai. But in 2018, the former cricketer found out that the company did not pay him a single penny.

He also sent a formal request to the company for his payment.

But no one replied to his request, this is when the former batsman decided to end the agreement and told Spartan Sports International to stop using his name.

Instead of stopping, the company continued to use his name and sell products under his name.

When the company was asked to release a statement about the incident, they did not.

Les Galbraith, the chief operating officer of the company, failed to give a response when he was asked about the incident.

The law firm listed as representing Tendulkar, Gilbert + Tobin, declined comment.

The lawsuit of Sachin Tendulkar says that the Spartan Sports International is misleading and committed deceptive conduct, and giving out an endorsement contract without paying him, and breach of contract.

Sachin Tendulkar is the leading run-scorer in ODIs and Test matches, the hall of famer has scored over 34,000 runs and has recorded 100 centuries throughout his 24-year career.

Tendulkar retired from cricket in 2013.

7 years ago, Tendulkar was made an honorary member of the Order of Australia, which is one of the highest awards a civilian could get in Australia.

More information about the lawsuit will be released after the hearing of the case.

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