Scottish Man Injures Himself After Setting Off A Firework From His Bum

A Scottish man, whose identity was not identified, is currently being criticized by the health and safety officials after a video of him went viral on social media, showing him launching a firework from his bum.

In a video that went viral on Twitter, it shows a firework being placed between the bum cheeks of the man.

A man in the video comes towards him and proceeds to light up the firework.

His friends could be heard laughing in the video.

A person behind the cam could be heard saying “It’s burned up your back, your T-shirt’s wrecked.”

The rocket then goes off and sparks shoot down the man’s back.

The man lurched forward and removed the firework off his bottom before it exploded.

The spokesperson of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents released a statement about the incident after the video went viral.

The statement said, “It doesn’t take a bright spark to know that fireworks are not to be toyed with.”

The statement added, “Historically, around 1,000 people visit A&E for treatment of a firework-related injury in the four weeks around Bonfire Night.”

It continued, “We recommend families enjoy fireworks at an organized display and follow the Firework Code, which can be found on our website.”

The video was filmed in a back garden in Scotland.

The official name of the person and the place where the incident happened is still not known.

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