Seconds Before Family Was About To Jump For A Swim, A 17 Foot Great White Shark Shows Up Near Their Boat

Cape Rod Shark Sighting: A family shared pictures of a 17-foot great white shark brushing up their boat during a sailing trip.

Family boating encounters Great White Shark

"That is unreal!" 👀😮🦈 A family on a boating trip en route to #Plymouth from #Provincetown was in awe at the sight of what they encountered along the way: a great white shark right next to their boat.

Posted by WCVB Channel 5 Boston on Monday, 12 August 2019

Sean and Serena Colbert, who are siblings, and their cousin Malloy Frey were out for a swim when the shark decided to show up.

When one of them was about to jump off the boat for a swim, they saw the 17-foot shark surfaced at the top of the water near their 22-foot boat.

Thanks to the crystal clear water of Cape Cod, the shark was seen in a full view.

During an interview with CBS 4, Sean Colbert revealed that he was about to go for a swim when the shark showed up.

Luckily, Sean saw the fin of the shark above the water before jumping off.

The family says they are shocked by the huge siting of the great white shark.

Sean said they grew up sailing on the waters of Cape Cod.

Malloy Frey, the cousin, said,

“It was like the biggest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Serena said the shark was huge. She added, “It was huge, it seemed like it was the size of our boat.”

Earlier this week, 7 shark sightings have been reported.

Authorities have closed 4 beaches in the area as a security measure.

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