Texas High-School Opens Cash-Free Grocery Store For Struggling Students And Families During This Pandemic

Good things happen to the ones that help other people.

A high-school in Texas, USA, opened up a cash-free grocery store for students and families that are struggling during this coronavirus pandemic.

The Linda Tutt High-School, which is located in Texas, opened its doors for families and students that are struggling in times like these.

They converted a part of their classroom space into a makeshift supermarket.

The best thing about this is that all of their supplies are free.

Instead of paying for the groceries, the students went to create a points system where those that want to purchase food earn points based on doing good deeds such as gaining office referrals, cleaning the school, and helping to keep the school clean.

Completing the tasks above can help them earn points, which they can use to get food from the school.

That’s such a great idea!

Anthony Love, the principal of the Linda Tutt High-School, released a statement about the amazing system its school has.

Principal Love said in the statement:

It’s not something that you see every day in a school building’, and believes a ‘big part of it is about empowering our students, because many of them come from low socioeconomic families that need just a little extra support with food.

The Texas Health Resources, Albertson’s Grocery, and First Refuge Ministries collaborated to make this initiative possible.

The groceries are available to be availed by students or family members from Monday to Wednesday.

On the evening of Tuesday, volunteers organize curbside pickups, and on Fridays, the school partners with the Backpack Program to make sure that children have food to eat over the weekend.

Talking about the initiative, Principal Love said that they were approached about a grant that would allow good people to put a grocery store inside a school.

Outside funding and nonprofit organizations helped make this amazing thing possible.

Paul Juarez, the Executive Director of the First Refuge Ministers, said that the entire point system was created by the students of the school.

The system was created to procure food supplies for their families.

During an interview with Paul Juarez, he said:

These points were actually given by the students, so we walked through here and decided that a can of green beans was one point. It gives us a picture of what can be. So if we can do this inside other schools it will do a whole lot to help other small towns.

The scheme was created to give food to students and family members that were having a hard time during this pandemic.

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