Thank You For Your Service: Kind Residents Are Leaving Essential Items For Delivery Drivers

As people all over the world are staying inside to stop the spread of the virus, workers, especially delivery drivers, are doing their best to keep everyone’s tables full, and as a thank you, residents are leaving goods for the hard-working workers.

People have been showing their gratitude to the delivery drivers that are still out there working daily.

Residents have been leaving essentials such as toilet rolls and hand sanitizers.

These days, key household items like toilet paper and hand sanitizers have become a currency of their own.

People all over the world are panic buying them just for the sake to protect themselves.

Panic-buying also means that some people have been unable to buy the things that they actually need amidst the outbreak.

Luckily, there are some kind people left on this planet.

As some people are having a hard time purchasing essential items, some people are showing their thanks to the delivery items.

Drtyoda, a social media user, who turns out to be a courier, shared a post where residents offered rinks and toilet paper for him.

In the post, a box can be seen full of essential items, and the owner of the house left out a note for the delivery driver.

The message read: “Thank you for being committed to the human race, we are depending on you! Take anything you want! Spread love! Stronger TOGETHER.”

While sharing the post, the man said: “So. I’m a courier. I deliver to so many types of places everyday. Businesses, houses, apartments, hospitals, you name it, I’ll deliver. This house I just left had this box on the porch. So thoughtful. So caring.”

He added, “In a time when people are panicking and hoarding everything for no really good reason, these people are willingly giving it away. We need waaaaay more of this. Everyone needs to see this.”

Drtyoda added, “PS, I didn’t need anything, so I didn’t take anything. That’s how we also need to be.”

Despite winds of chaos blowing across the world, small things like these mean a lot.

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