Watch: Adventurer Swims Underneath Giant Killer Alligator In Florida

Jordan Wylie, an adventurer, decided to swim underneath a giant killer alligator in Everglades, Florida.

Jordan decided to swim underneath a giant killer alligator at the Everglades National Park and took a video of the entire encounter.

The killer gator could be seen floating in the warm waters of the national part.

The video is only 30 seconds long, but it is scary knowing the fact that the alligator could attack him anytime.

In the video, you can see Jordan lying low in the water while the motionless gator passes over him.

After the reptile passes over him, he gives thumbs up to the camera.

Jordan Wylie is a former soldier and is an extreme adventurer.

At the end of the video, Jordan swims towards the killer gator and gives the camera again the okay sign.

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