Watch: Priyanka Gandhi Sits In Dark As Electricity Goes Off In Mirzapur Guest House

Last night, the Mirzapur Guest House for government officers experienced a power cut when Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, the UP General Secretary, was at the guest house.

Gandhi was stopped in UP yesterday when she was on her way to Sonbhadra.

Earlier this week, 10 people were killed in a shootout in Sonbhadra over a land dispute.

Gandhi decided to protest on a road in Mirzapur after she was stopped, she was then brought in the Mirzapur Guest House in a government vehicle.

Gandhi said, “When the administration tells me why and on what basis I have been arrested, then I will decide about what I have to do next.”

She added, “I was brought here in the SDM’s vehicle. You all were there. I have been told that I should stay here in Chunnar and not go out. If it is not the arrest, then what is it.”

During the protests, workers of the Congress Party were shouting slogans that were targeted against CM Yogi Adityanath and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

According to the party members, the government cut the electricity off in the guest house so they could leave the area.

Shiv Kumar Singh Patel, a worker of the Congress Party, said, “The district administration wants to trouble the Congress workers and force Priyanka Gandhi to go from here. But, no matter how much they trouble us, we are going to be here.”

Patel added, “We are going to spend the night in the light of a candle. Congress workers in the entire country are protesting against the way Priyanka ji is being treated.”

Throughout the darkness, Gandhi interacted with the members of the Congress party and the people who were in the Mirzapur guest-house.

She also took selfies during the power cut.

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