Wild Fire In Amazon Tropical Rainforest Is Now Reaching Ecological Tipping Point

The Amazon Rainforest has been on fire for almost a month now, and experts are saying that the fire has now reached the ecological tipping point.

Over 75,000 forest fires have been recorded in Brazil alone this year. This is 85 percent more than the number of fires that were recorded in 2018.

Often considered as the lungs of our planet, it is reported that the Amazon Rainforest lost an area, considerably identical to Manhattan, every single day in the month of July.

Animals and forests have been lost in the fire. But the biggest problem is that the loss of forest areas can release a huge quantity of stored carbon.

The outcome, once the stored carbon gets released, could be catastrophic especially for Climate Change.

In a report that was published by the Independent, researchers and environmental experts have now warned the Amazon and said that it is now reaching a tipping point.

Researchers report that if one-third of the amazon rainforest ecosystem gets damaged, its damage will be beyond repairable.

According to Professor Thomas Lovejoy, a professor at the George Mason University,  “When we were first worried about it, the amount of deforestation was small, But then these other things started to interact – the impact of deforestation and the effects of climate change became apparent, and the extent of the use of fire [for clearing land] became apparent.”

Professor Thomas added, “The reason we believe the tipping point is so close is that we’re seeing historic droughts in 2005, 2010, and 2016. And satellite images in the north-central Amazon also show forests remote from everything are beginning to convert into grassland. That’s yet another symptom.”

The Amazon Tropical Rainforest plays a huge role in the regulation of global warming.

The rainforest absorbs millions of tons worth of carbon emissions every single year.

After the trees are burned or are cut down, the stored carbon in the trees gets released into our earth’s atmosphere. This will severely damage the planet-preserving abilities to absorb carbon emissions is going to be reduced.

In a report that was published by BBC News, the Amazon Rainforest Fires 2019 has released over 228 megatons of carbon emission so far.

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