30 Dead And 20 Hospitalized After Drinking Pure Alcohol With Hopes Of Warding Off Coronavirus

30 people have died and 20 were hospitalized in the last 2 weeks in Istanbul after consuming pure alcohol, which is also known as ethanol.

The numbers were confirmed by authorities in Istanbul on Wednesday.

According to the authorities, the victims, who are mostly from Turkey, rubbed the pure alcohol on their bodies before consuming it.

The residents reportedly did it in a bizarre attempt to protect themselves from the coronavirus outbreak.

The authorities said that the hospitalized victims were in critical condition.

For those that are wondering, this is not the first time liquor consumption has caused the deaths of people amidst the outbreak.

After believing in a hoax, which is the consumption of alcohol-based solutions can kill the virus.

In Iran alone at least 194 people have died from doing this bizarre claim.

Over 1,000 people have been poisoned since March 6 because of improper alcohol consumption.

Remember, consumption of alcoholic beverages up to 50 percent is safe for humans, however pure alcoholic drinks can lead to poisoning.

In severe cases, the consumption of pure alcohol can lead to death.

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