Florida man abandoned own son on roadside because he thought he was gay

A man from Florida was arrested by the authorities for dropping off a child on the side of the road because they thought that their son was gay.

The Haines City Police Department arrested Evanaud Julmeus, 30, after the boy was found outside the police station crying and holding a bag with a number of clothes inside.

The exact age of the boy was not revealed, however, they were under the age of 18.

When the authorities asked the boy what happened, the boy said that his father kicked him out of their house because he thought he was gay.

The authorities did not specify the exact relationship between the man and the boy, however, social media reports suggest they are father and son.

The boy told the police officers that a verbal argument over the same issue broke out in the house and the man told him to pack his bags and get inside the car.

Julmeus then drove the boy to a turn lane on Highway 27 near the Haines City Police Department.

They boy said that Julmeus ordered him to get out and told him that the police are going to help him find a new house.

After the boy got out of the vehicle, the man got back to their house, leaving them alone.

The boy was left at the police station without money, phone, water, and food.

A local saw the entire incident and told the police about what happened.

The report states that the mother of the boy asked Julmeus where he was and when Julmeus told her what happened, he told the woman that she had to go to the police to find him.

The woman left the house and did her best to find her son.

Julmeus was arrested by the authorities and was charged with child neglect.

The authorities did not reveal any other information about the incident.

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