Florida Man Climbs On Top Of Playground Equipment To Shout Vulgarly About Where Babies Really Come From

Clearwater Beach, Florida: The police said that they arrested a 30-year-old man who was arrested after he climbed on top of playground equipment and explained to kids were children or babies come from in a very vulgar way.

The police said that 30-year-old Otis Dawayne Ryan climbed on top of a piece of equipment where children were playing.

He then started to shout that babies come out of women.

The police said that Ryan used inappropriate language.

The parents rushed to the scene to remove their children.

Earlier that day, the police said that Ryan approached tourists and made inappropriate comments to women in an effort to get their male partners to confront him.

A police officer was watching at the time of the event.

Ryan was charged with disorderly conduct and fined $118.

On the evening of Friday, Ryan was arrested for disorderly conduct after the police said that he began swearing during a street performance.

Children were present when that certain incident happened.

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