Florida Man Uses Pizza To Slap Girlfriend On Her Face Because She Tried To Throw Away His Pizza

Charlotte County, Florida: A man was arrested by the police because he assaulted his girlfriend as she tried to throw away the pizza that they had in their house.

Deputies with the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office arrested the man after a domestic violence incident.

On September 23, 2020, an apartment building was raided for the arrested of the man.

Sean Metcalf, the accused, was reported to the police by the girlfriend after he had slapped her with a slice of pizza because she tried to throw a pizza box away.

The victim told the police that her boyfriend had told her in an angry way that she should not throw the dinner away.

The woman threw the box down on the grown and told the police that he picked up on the things and got into a hot temper.

Sean then got a pizza slice and hit her face with it.

The investigating officers that came to check out the incident noticed grease and sauce on the face of the woman and along with her hair.

Metcalf was brought in right away.

He admitted that he lost his cool in the incident, but he told the officers that he had no idea how the pizza got all over the victim.

Metcalf has been charged with Domestic Battery.

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