Italian Man Screams In Pain As Doctors Remove Genital Wart Off His Penis

Unprotected sex is not recommended by doctors, it can pass off diseases such as HIV, AIDS, infections, and even genital warts.

Marco, a man from Italy, took a trip to the Sex Clinic, a show, to see about a pesky lump under the foreskin of his penis.

Dr. Sarah Mulindwa diagnosed it as a genital wart, common sexuality transmitted infection, which is also known as STI.

Luckily, there is a cure for this problem, but the process is extremely painful.

While the doctor tried to freeze off the genital wart with liquid nitrogen, the 30-year-old could be heard screaming in pain.

After assessing the growth of the genital wart, the doctor told Marco that she could get rid of the genital wart by freezing it, a process that is also known as cryotherapy.

Unfortunately, Marco had to go through the procedure once per week for 4 weeks so the genital wart could be shrunk to a size where it can be pulled off.

The procedure is not long, but it is extremely painful.

As Dr. Mulindwa performed the procedure, she said, “I’m going to spray it enough times to freeze it a little bit. It can be a little bit uncomfortable.”

Marco asked if he can still have sex while he is getting the treatment from the doctor.

The doctor explained, “What we normally say is to avoid sex altogether. Any opportunity for skin-to-skin to come into contact, avoid. The wart is in your penis, avoid putting your penis anywhere else on anyone’s body.”

Genital warts are generally transmitted following skin-to-skin contact during unprotected sex.

Marco admitted that he had been having sexual intercourse without a condom.

As he receives the treatment, Marco said, “This is torture. I’m crying. Don’t do unprotected sex guys – that’s what happens. This is like a nightmare.”

The doctor advised him to not have sex for at least 2 weeks to prevent the spreading of the infection that he got.

He said, “I will definitely try my best to do as she said. Honestly, I want to have sex tomorrow morning first thing when I wake up. But I won’t.”

One thing is for sure, you should have protected sex!

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