Magnet Fisherman Pulls Out 19 World War II-Era Grenades Out Of British River

A magnet fisherman is making headlines after pulling 19 World War II-Era grenades out of a river in the United Kingdom.

The police and a bomb squad responded to a river on the outskirts of a British city after a magnet fisherman reeled in the grenades.

Che Williams, the magnet fisherman, was using his magnet to search for metal debris in the Rive Tame at a location just outside of Birmingham when he pulled the first grenade.

The man stayed in the same spot and ended up pulling around 19 grenades.

It was later revealed that the grenades dated from World War II.

The magnet fisherman noticed 2 of the grenades still had their pins in place, which led him to contact the authorities and inform them about the discovery that he had made.

The police ended up evacuating the area.

An Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unity arrived at the scene in order to investigate the grenades that were found.

The team used an X-ray on the devices and determined that they did not contain explosives or detonators.

The bomb squad will be destroying the grenades due to policies about such discoveries.

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