Toilet Paper Shortage: Sewers Are Blocking Up As People Use Wet Wipes

If you’re eating, don’t scroll down!

Due to the shortage of toilet papers in the United Kingdom, people have started to use wet wipes to clean them up, but the problem is, it is causing sewers to block up, leading them to backfire whatever you flushed down.

As shoppers head towards malls and supermarkets to hoard a lot of tissue, people are turning towards wet wipes because they can’t buy toilet paper.

The only problem is that products such as wipes, kitchen rolls, and newspapers do not break down in the water, the same way as toilet paper does, which results in sewer blockages.

The Northumbrian Water, a water company, shared some shocking images, which showed horrible consequences of flushing wipes.

The water company serves Tyne and Wear, Durham, Northumberland, and a number of areas in North Yorkshire shared images of bizarre scenes and reminded people that we should throw the toilet paper and wet wipes in the bin.

They said, “We understand anyone affected by the shortage of toilet paper on shelves of shops is only improvising but must warn that wrongful flushing can have devastating consequences! These include:”

They added, “Homes being flooded with toilet waste (…this isn’t pleasant at any time but especially now, if you need to self-isolate with #covid19uk). Rivers and seas being polluted with sewage, potentially harming and destroying innocent wildlife!”

They continued, “Not only blocking our sewage network of pumps and pipes but householders’ plumbing too, causing avoidable plumber call out charges! Please make one simple change and put toilet paper alternatives in the bin. Toilets are NOT a bin and sewers are not designed for toilet paper alternatives!”

The news comes amidst panic buying in the United Kingdom, where people have spent over $1.6 billion USD on food and other materials.

Brits have spent over $1.16 billion USD on food amidst the coronavirus outbreak, which has infected over 5000 people in their country.

Despite the fact that the officials have told Brits to stop stockpiling, residents all over Britain are continuously buying goods in massive amounts.

According to Helen Dickson, the Chief Executive of British Retail Consortium, there is a lot of food in the supply chain.

Dickson added, “Brits have a billion pounds more food in their homes than they did three weeks ago, so we need to make sure we eat some of it.”

Helen wanted to make sure that worried residents of the country know that there is still food, water, and all other necessities in the country.

Kimberly-Clark, who makes Kleenex and Andrex, said 3.5 million rolls of toilet paper are manufactured each day to meet the demands of the people.

A spokesperson said, “We make one billion loo rolls a year that’s enough to stretch easily around the country. The trucks are going out replenishing stock all the time but the problem is that as soon as it’s going out people are buying it straight away and they just don’t need to.”

It looks like people should invest in bidets more these days.

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