Woman Licks Plane Toilet Seat To Start “Coronavirus Challenge” On TikTok

A 22-year-old social media influencer is currently being slammed by social media users all over the world after she decided to lick a toilet seat to start the coronavirus challenge on TikTok.

Ava Louise, the 22-year-old woman, recently went viral for a bizarre stunt that is currently getting criticized.

The horrible act comes amidst the coronavirus pandemic, which has infected over 198,513 people and has killed 7,988 people all over the world.

Louise, who has been a guest at Dr. Phil 2 times, can be seen in the video licking a toilet seat, which is believed to be in a bathroom of an airplane.

While sharing the video on Twitter, she said: “Please [retweet] this so people can know how to properly be sanitary on the airplane.”

Since posting the video on social media, a lot of people have called her house.

Meghan McCain, an American Columnist, was one of the people that called out the woman.

Meghan said the social media influenced should be jailed for her acts.

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