Man with Invalid Visa Packed in bubble Wrap and Deported by Turkish Immigration.

In a shocking episode, immigration authorities onboard Turkish Airlines abused a Cameroonian man for holding a phony identification.

In the video that is becoming famous online, the authorities mistreat and wrap him, head-to-toe in bubble wrap.

As per The Telegraph, the man named Emmanuel Chedjou, 47, fills in as a shoe-merchant in Cameroon’s business capital Douala.

The upsetting film shows him shouting for help as individual travelers battled to remove the layers of plastic wrapping, and the plastic ties controlling his wrists and lower legs.

“They want to execute me,” he is heard saying in the video in a condition of frenzy. “They conveyed me like a bundle to put me on the plane … I was scarcely breathing,” he revealed to The Telegraph later in a telephone interview.

Man with Invalid Visa Packed in bubble Wrap and Deported by Turkish Immigration.

As indicated by Mail Online, he was on an excursion for work and left Istanbul Airport to get some air during an eight-hour delay. Passport control said that his travel visa was faked and put him in custody.

Reports express that he purchased boarding passes from a travel office in Cameroon to travel to Dubai and get a few merchandise for his business. Yet, during his layover in Istanbul, the authorities revealed to him that his visa was not substantial, and he was kept. During his detainment, he alleges that the authorities kicked and beat him till he bled.

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