EXPLAINED: Why Every Man Should Marry A Woman Of Younger Age

Marriages in India usually follow certain propaganda, which includes dowry, ceremonial events and all. The exclusive condition which is most usually followed is the age gap between a man and woman.

Addition to this “Man should always be elder to the woman he marry”. Though all the other conditions appear partly logic-less, this idea of age gap is supported by many scientists and other people.

The age gap creates a space between the pair in understanding each other. Most of the happy couples always follow this age gap.

The marriage between the equal aged persons might let ego and dominance issues.

However, it is well known that the maturity levels often vary in between the opposite genders, this variation in maturity results in the different levels of mindset between the man and woman of same age.

This void in understanding can be filled by marrying a woman who is far younger.

One can simply note that this idea of age gap is just necessary but not mandatory. There are many examples of happy couples such as Shahid Kapoor-Mira and Saif Ali Khan Kareena; who follow this age gap and there are few examples of happy couples having reversed age gap but still happier.

Despite these orthodox beliefs, there exist our favourite cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, whose wife Anjali is astonishingly five years elder to him.

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