This Adorable Comic Strips Made By A Jabra Fan Is Going Viral, Even Shahrukh Himself Couldn’t Resist From Responding

When it comes to Bollywood if someone questions you ‘who the most charming actor in the Bollywood?’ you don’t need a moment to answer this, it is Shahrukh khan, the Badshah of Bollywood, in between answering this question, the first thing you forget about him is, his age.

Age is just a number for SRK. When it comes to his fans, every movie buff alive is quite commonly a fan of Shahrukh, there are fans, hardcore fans and finally this kind of fan who heartily drew comic strips for her beloved hero.


The comic strips prepared by this lady fan went viral on social media. They were so adorable that Shahrukh Khan himself couldn’t resist from responding to this art girl. The whole comic quotes can definitely implicate that the way she prepared them is simply more than how much the fan role ( the character played by Shahrukh) loved him in the movie.

However she is quite successful in gaining the attention of Shahrukh after all her sweetest efforts, it must be concerned how difficult is it to reach him competing with the millions of followers’ tweets praising him all over the day.

The Most Curious Fan:

The Celebration Time:

The Tweet Bug (#Shahrukhfan)

The Most Loving Fan:


Isn’t this the quite adorable thing one can see this day, after all, Shahrukh responded to this tweet,

Now, that’s totally cool!

Then, she fainted down as she said:

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