Arjun Kapoor Slams A Hindi Newspaper For Its Infuriating Comments On His Late Mother

A popular Hindi newspaper ‘Umar Ujala’ is slammed by actor Arjun Kapoor for its disrespectful comments on his late mother. The title of the news itself is quite insensitive.

This cheap trick played by the newspaper ended up landing it in trouble.

The headlines carried

Toh isliye Arjun Kapoor ko chod ke chali gayi unki maa.”


Arjun Kapoor is well known for his ‘keeping cool’ and easy going attitude,but this time the statement made by Umar Ujala made him furious. Soon after noticing the headlines, Arjun Kapoor took on to his twitter and criticized the newspaper.

Meanwhile, his fans took on to his back supporting him and slapped the newspaper at the same time.

Now, this sort of issues is definitely straining the definition of media. Being a media channel one should always keep in mind about the levels of interference and such idiotic headlines for the sake of ratings and viewers is definitely disgraceful.

The balancing between the celebrities and media must always exist, because both are the key factors that influence people.


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