300 Texas Teenagers Get Exposed To Coronavirus After Taking Part In Pong Fest

=Around 300 teenagers were exposed to the coronavirus during a recent beer pong fest that was carried out in Texas.

According to reports, some of them are still awaiting for test results and some of them have been infected by the disease.

The teenagers, who are high-school students, attended the party, which was carried out in Travis County on June 20.

Sandy Cox, the Mayor of Lakeway, said that mass gatherings will lead to more cases in the state.

In a video that was shared on Facebook, Cox said:

Unfortunately, our caseload is probably going to increase, and it’s because there was a very large party this past Saturday.

Every person that attended the party has been instructed to practice self-quarantine for the next 14 days.

Cox told CNN that it is still unclear whether the beer pong party led to a high number of cases in the locality.

The city has had 105 cases, which of which are currently added.

Pong Fest is an annual beer pong tournament that is carried out in the locality.

Aly Kotal, a Lakeway resident, said:

They start planning it early in the year, there’s a small committee of people who know everything about it. They sell wristbands and everything and it’s apparently only four or five hours [before] that the location is released.

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