Bus Passenger Bitten By Man After Asking Him To Wear Face Mask Correctly

An Irish man that lives in Belgium claims that he was bitten horribly by a fellow bus passenger after he asked the passenger to wear his face mask correctly.

56-year-old Robert Murphy was bitten on the chest twice by the man during an altercation.

Murphy, who lives in the municipality of Merksem, which is in the northern Belgian province of Antwerp, said that all he did was to wear the mask properly.

He said:

I just asked the man to wear the mask properly over his nose.

According to reports, Murphy was sitting on a bus when he heard a man sneeze.

He also felt droplets on the back of his bald head, so he decided to at least turn away if he planned to sneeze.

The passenger apologized.

Later during the bus trip, a couple boarded the bus and sat directly opposite to Murphy.

Their masks were positioned under their chins, so Murphy asked them if they could adjust their face coverings so that they were over the nose and the mouth, which is the right and preferred way.

The man refused and a row broke out.

The man then attacked Murphy and was swearing.

Talking about the incident, Murphy said:

I tried to pull myself free, but I am disabled so it was not easy. We tussled until the man threw himself at my chest and bit me. I couldn’t believe it. He was like a mad dog. I pushed him away, but he wouldn’t leave me alone. The whole time he tried to bite me again.

Luckily, other passengers eventually managed to pull the man off murphy.

The couple jumped off the bus and fled away.

The Belgian police was informed about the incident.

Investigations led to the arrest of the attackers.

Murphy was brought to a local hospital so he could receive treatment for the wounds that he sustained from the attack.

However, the doctor does not to do a coronavirus test on Murphy because the biter is not infected with the disease.

An investigation is being carried out right now.

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