Coronavirus Outbreak At Wedding Reception Kills 5 People And Infects 175

A coronavirus outbreak that took place at a wedding in the USA left 5 people dead and 175 infected with the deadly disease.

The wedding happened on August 7, 2020, and had 65 guests in it.

However, over 100 people were infected in connection to the gathering.

Maplecrest Rehabilitation Center in Madison reported the latest death figures.

It was reported that the reception happened at Big Moose Inn Cabins and Campground in the US state of Maine.

The officials at the Big Moose Inn Cabins and Campground released a statement about the incident, where they said:

The Big Moose Inn did receive a citation from the State for some infractions. It is important to note that because Big Moose Inn has separate rooms for dining as well as outdoor seating, the facility’s approved capacity during this time is 80 persons. We understood that there could be no more than 50 persons in our largest room. We did make an error in the interpretation of that rule. Our interpretation was that we could take a wedding party of more than 50 persons, and split them between two rooms as long as it didn’t exceed our total capacity or a specific room’s capacity.

An executive order that is set in Maine allows gatherings of up to 50 people if something is carried out inside, and when it’s outside, 100 people are allowed to attend the party.

None of the 5 people that died in relation to coronavirus attended the wedding or the reception that was carried out.

1 person that attended the reception was an employee of the York County Jail.

The outbreak at Madison Rehabilitation Center is connected to the wedding.

An outbreak at the Calvary Baptist Church is also being linked to the wedding. It was reported that the pastor at the church officiated the wedding.

In a statement that was issued by the Calvary Baptist Church, they said:

The Calvary Baptist Church has a legal right to meet. The authority of a local Christian church, a Jewish synagogue, or a Muslim mosque to gather for their respective religious services is a time-honored part of our nation’s history since its inception. These religious activities are also fully protected under the First Amendment to our United States Constitution.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and the people that are infected, may they recover fast from the deadly disease.

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