Egypt: Every Single Patient In Coronavirus ICU Ward Dies After Hospital Runs Out Of Oxygen Supply

An entire ICU unit that was full of coronavirus patients has passed away in a hospital in Egypt after the hospital’s oxygen supply ran out.

Images and videos that were shared on social media shows nurses at the hospital in Egypt in complete shock after what happened.

The incident reportedly happened at the El HUsseineya Central Hospital in Ash Sharqia Province.

According to reports, the staff of the hospital tried to perform CPR on the dying patients.

The staff also screamed in shock and their voices were heard in the video.

Reports suggest that 7 patients died after the oxygen levels of the ICU got to 2 percent.

There was simply no sufficient pressure or air for the people in the ICU to survive, which led them to slowly die.

This is not the first time such thing has happened.

Earlier, ICU patients at the Zefta General Hospital suffered the same fate.

The government negligence and corruption are currently being blamed for the disaster.

However, the director of the hospital has something else to say.

Dr. Muhammad Sami Al-Najjar, the director of the hospital, told local media that the situation is normal.

They also denied a lack of oxygen supply.

The doctor claimed that the ICU patient died from natural causes, old age, and other chronic diseases.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the affected ones, may their souls rest in peace.



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