2000-Year-Old Egyptian Mummy Found With Gold Tongue And It’s Still Shining

An 2000 year old Egyptian mummy was recently found in Egypt and it still had its golden tongue, which was still shining.

The mummy with the golden tongue was found by archaeologist who dug it up along with 15 other corpses.

The team, which is based at an ancient Egyptian site, Taposiris Magna, believed that the tongue of the person was removed during embalming and was replaced so they could speak to Osiris.

Osiris is the Lord of the Underworld.

By giving the  corpse a tongue, it was believed that it may have allowed them to convince the god to show mercy on the spirit of the man.

The skeleton that was found by archaeologists said that the head was still intact and the golden tongue was still shining.

The shining object caught the eyes of the archaeologists.

The burial shafts were reportedly around 200 years old.

It had a number of mummies that were wearing perfectly preserved stone funeral masks.

The gold-tongued mummy belongs to one of the latest discovery of researchers from the University of Santo Domingo. They have been doing the job for around 10 years now.

This is one of the best and most rare mummy discoveries up until this day.

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