ICU Doctor Hugs Elderly Coronavirus Patient Who Was Missing His Wife

Heartbreaking, just heartbreaking.

A picture that is viral on social media right now shows an ICU doctor hugging an elderly coronavirus patient that was missing his wife.

The picture that we are talking about shows the tender moment an ICU doctor and a coronavirus patient sharing a hug.

It was later revealed to the public that the patient was missing his wife during their stay at the hospital.

As the coronavirus pandemic continuous to spread all over the world, people are getting more anxious about the upcoming times.

One of the most iconic images that were taken this year belongs to a doctor and a patient.

The picture that we are talking about was taken in Houston, Texas, and it shows the moment an elderly coronavirus patient having to go through something they should never have to.

The poor patient had to stay away from his wife during his time at the hospital and because of strict guideline measures, there is nothing they could do to see each other.

The patient, who was not identified, was really missing his wife, and Joseph Varon, a doctor treating coronavirus patients at a Texas hospital, realized that there was something wrong.

The Doctor ended up doing something that no one was expecting, so he comforted the man.

Dr. Joseph Varon decided to give the man a hug and embrace him in his arms.

The heartbreaking moment was caught on cam and it went viral right away.

Doctor Varon was interviewed by news agencies after the picture that was taken of him and the patient went viral on social media.

During the interview, Varon said that he saw the patient out of his bed and was trying to get out of their room.

The patient was also crying at this moment, and as a doctor, he decided to check out.

Varon said that he saw the patient crying so he went up to him and asked what was wrong.

The man told Doctor Varon that he wants to be his wife.

Dr. Varon continued:

He’s crying. So I get close to him and I (ask) him, ‘Why are you crying?’ And the man says, ‘I want to be with my wife.’ So I just grab him and I hold him. I was feeling very sorry for him. I was feeling very sad, just like him.

The man eventually stopped crying after the incident.

Sometimes, all that a person needs is a hug, a warm one.

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