Man Pushes Unmasked “Canadian Karen” Off A Bus After She Spits On Him

The Transit police in Vancouver is currently investigating a video that is extremely viral on social media right now.

The video that is viral shows a man pushing an unmasked woman off a bus after she spits at him.

The video starts with the woman standing inside the bus as someone off-camera could be heard saying the word “disgusting”.

The woman turns her head and spat on the man, who could be seen wearing a mask.

After the spat, the man shoved her away, which forced her to go tumbling on the ground and out of the bus.

A woman jumps out of her seat and could be heard saying “Oh my god, what’s wrong with you?” after the man shoved her out of the bus.

The man then wiped off the saliva that was on his forehead.

He could be heard telling the woman that “she spit on me”.

The footage was shared on TikTok at first, but it went viral right away.

TransLink, the company that runs the public transport services of Vancouver, released a statement about the incident.

They said:

 The safety of our customers is our #1 priority. Thank you to everyone for their concern. Transit Police are currently investigating this matter.

The Transit police said that they got to know about the incident after people shared the video widely on social media.

The police want to locate the person that shared the video and gather more information about it.

The original video and account that posted the video have been deleted.

Sergeant Clint Hampton released a statement about the investigation, where they said:

This makes the investigation difficult, we are working off a video with very limited information. We know when the video was posted but we don’t know when it was taken. Was this taken yesterday or was it taken three months ago?

Any witness that saw the incident are requested to contact the authorities right away.

In Canada, people are required to wear a mask on public transport unless the person has an underlying medical condition that stops them from wearing one.

If the woman is identified by the authorities, she could be charged with assault for spitting on the man.

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