Researchers Are Running A Trial To See If Ibuprofen Can Be Used As A Treatment For Coronavirus

Researchers are running a trial to see if ibuprofen can help coronavirus patients that are sick with the deadly disease.

A team of experts that are working at London’s Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospital and King’s College believe that Ibuprofen can treat breathing problems in coronavirus patients.

Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory and painkiller.

The trial is being conducted to help low-cost treatment for patients and in order to keep them off ventilators.

In the trial, which is called Liberate, half of the patients are going to receive ibuprofen in addition to the same care.

The trial is going to use a special formulation of ibuprofen rather than the regular tablets that people can buy at pharmacies.

Some people already take this medicine, which is in a lipid capsule, for conditions such as arthritis.

Studies in animals suggested that the drug can treat acute respiratory distress syndrome, which is one of the complications of severe coronavirus.

Professor Mitul Mehta, a member of the team from the King’s College London, said:

We need to do a trial to show that the evidence actually matches what we expect to happen.

This is not the first time Ibuprofen has come up as a treatment option for the coronavirus.

Earlier this year, there were some concerns about the drug, with many saying that it is a bad thing to take this drug.

These were heightened when Oliver Veran, the health minister of France, said that taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which include ibuprofen, could aggravate the infection and advised patients to take paracetamol instead.

A review that was conducted by the Commission on Human Medicines quickly concluded that drugs, which includes, Paracetamol, was safe to take for coronavirus.

Paracetamol is capable of bringing the body temperature down and help ease flu-like symptoms.

The NHS suggests people with mild coronavirus symptoms to try paracetamol first.

Remember, people with stomach ulcers are not advised to take ibuprofen.

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