Sri Lankan Politician Eats Raw Fish On Live TV To Convince Public To Purchase Seafood During Pandemic

A former fisheries minister shocked the world by eating raw fish on live TV to convince the public in their country to purchase seafood during this coronavirus pandemic.

Let’s talk about dedication eh.

Dilip Wedaarachchi, a member of the parliament of Sri Lanka, was fronting a conference on November 17, 2020, amidst a downfall in seafood sales across Sri Lanka.

In the video, Dilip made an appeal to the people of the country that he is representing.

Dilip could be heard saying:

I am making an appeal to the people of this country to eat this fish. Don’t be afraid. You will not get infected by the coronavirus.

In order to prove his claims, Dilip casually took a bite out of a raw piece of fish.

He then talked about the fish sales problem in their country.

He said that people who are in the fisheries industry of the country could not sell their fish.

Dilip added

Our people who are in the fisheries industry cannot sell their fish. People of this country are not eating fish.

The footage was shared widely on social media, and people were not really happy about what the minister had done on live television.

A number of comments were made on YouTube, where commenters said that eating raw fish is not acceptable.

One user said: “Eating raw fish is unacceptable, it’s crazy. But speaking on behalf of the fishing community is a big deal.”

Another user said: “The problems of the fishermen cannot be solved by acting stupid like this.”

However, not everyone was with the negativity.

A number of users were quick to point out that everyone loves to eat sushi or other types of food that consists of raw meat for fun.

A user said:  “You go to Japanese restaurant and eat Sushi, made out of raw fish. And even you take pictures of it. But when you see a person eating raw fish, it becomes a news. I see nothing wrong in here.”

In Sri Lanka right now, fish sales are not doing well due to the pandemic and fear that humans might catch the virus from animals.

As a result of this fear, seafood has gone unsold in the country.

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