Caught on Cam: Salman Khan slaps bouncer on his face for being rude with a kid

Bharat has been a huge success in India and the movie is currently showing in cinemas globally.

Even after its huge success, Salman Khan, the lead actor in the movie got into trouble.

A video of the 53-year-old actor went viral on Twitter that showed him smacking one of his security personnel.

According to reports, the incident happened when Salman Khan was on his way back to his car after attending an event.

When he was on his way back, his security personnel were trying to keep the public away from him, and unfortunately, one of the bouncers accidentally got harsh with a kid.

While flashes were going off, a bouncer backed a kid away in a rude manner, and when Salman Khan saw this, he did not hold back.

The Bollywood superstar decided to smack the bouncer in front of everyone.

You could then see the regret on the face of the bouncer after he got smacked on his face.

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